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Indianapolis Music Academy

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October 27, 2015


     First of all, I love technology. I love the Internet, learning online and I love Skype. I taught English as a Second language on Skype for several years. That being said, I don't like to teach guitar over Skype. There are a lot of guitar teachers who, in order to gain more students, offer gutiar lessons using a web cam. I personally believe that many of these people are not qualified guitar teachers. 


October 7, 2015


I'm Mike Middleton. I teach guitar in on the south side of Indianapolis, about a mile north of Greenwood, Indiana. I've been teaching guitar professionally since 1998 and playing professionally since 1989. I've taught hundreds and hundreds of students how to play guitar. My goal is always to put as much value as I possibly can into each of my lessons. I've spent years refining my guitar teaching skills.


I'm great at explaining info...

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