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Looking for the best guitar lessons in Indianapolis?

Do you need guitar lessons in Indianapolis or Greenwood, Indiana?


Are you at a point that you need some guidance on guitar?

Are you frustrated with your lack of progress and need the help of a professional teacher?

Are you a beginner, unsure where to start or unsure about the fastest most effective method of learning?

Picture yourself being the guitar player that you want to be. Imagine playing the songs you would like to play.

The best way to overcome your obstacles is to work with a professional teacher who has the experience to help you, a teacher who has taught and helped hundreds of others to reach their goals. A teacher who will help you to become the guitar player that you want to be

"At first I tried to learn guitar on my own from videos for months. While I made a little progress, I often felt like I was spinning my wheels. I learned more from Mike in the first few lessons than I did trying to learn on my own for months. If you need guitar lessons in Indianapolis, call Mike." -Larry J.

"Mike has an exceptional ability to communicate musical information when applied to guitar. With years of practice, his extensive knowledge has enabled me to learn countless numbers of songs with the personal touch you will never receive through video of any type. He is versatile and patient enough to assist beginners, and still educated enough to handle advanced teachings. I cannot give a higher recommendation. Thank you Mike!" - Jaime B.

What you should consider.

1. Learning things in the proper order.

There are so many things to learn on guitar and it can be difficult to know what the most efficient and effective order is for learning the material and skills.


2. Learning proper technique by example.

There are many people teaching on You tube who simply don’t have much teaching experience. How do you know that they know what they’re talking about and doing things properly? How do you ask questions if you have a problem. Often people wind up wasting a lot of time and become more frustrated.


3. Motivation

The greatest thing about guitar lessons is knowing you’ll meet with another person every week who will support, guide and inspire you to continue learning and to practice more.


4. Develop a practice strategy.

Just taking guitar lessons won’t make you a better guitar player. Much of it has to do with the practice you do each week. A teacher can help you develop an effective strategy for practice.

5. Save TIME and MONEY.

You could waste a lot of time, maybe years going through videos, DVDs and books. An experienced teacher can get you on the right track and guide you step by step though all of the guitar skills. You can be assured that you’ll be getting the information that you need and you can stop wasting time and money on methods that promise everything, but don’t work very well.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and let's discuss your personalized plan for taking your playing to the next level. We teach guitar in Indianapolis. We are near Greenwood if you need lessons in Greenwood, Indiana.