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Business Address

Indianapolis Music Academy

5703 S. East St. 

Indianapolis, Indiana


Lessons for children and teens in South Indianapolis with a friendly and patient teacher. 
Give your child an opportunity to discover their natural musical talents. 
Help your child discover life outside the internet and social media. Children who discover music at a young age often join band, orchestra or other music related activities during high school, become more confident and sociable and do better in school.

Guitar Lessons for your child

Learning guitar will help a child become more disciplined and patient, develop better physical skills, develop more creativity and develop skills that will last a lifetime.
Guitar is an excellent starter instrument for children.
It’s easy to carry, simple to store and affordable. Best of all, children want to play it!
Parents, you are encouraged and welcome to sit in on your child's guitar lessons.
Group lessons available for families or friends.

"Mike gave my son lessons for many years, taught him how to read music and to learn songs by ear. My son is now a confident and  accomplished guitarist". -Lisa D.

"Mike is a great instructor. He is very accommodating and patient with our 15 year old". -Elaine C.

"Mike is very patient with my 9 year who had no experience and this is what I was looking for in an instructor". -Keisha W.

Music for teens

Many teens want to learn to play guitar, but teens can also be particular about the type of music they want to learn.
Some teens like newer music while others prefer the classics.
I teach a lot of teens guitar, it's crucial for me to keep up on current musical trends. I'm always willing to listen to a new band and to help my students learn their favorite songs.

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