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October 7, 2015

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Top 10 Beginning Steps to Learning Guitar

October 28, 2015


You may have a guitar, a guitar book, be watching a few videos and asking yourself "where do I start when learning guitar?" Without a good guitar teacher is absolutely reasonable to be lost. I'll tell you what, I'm going to help you out by giving you some beginning steps to learning guitar. It's very achievable to learn guitar using online resources. It's common sense, however, that you'll go much, much further, much more quickly with a good teacher, but there's nothing wrong with proceeding by yourself. 


1. Learn the names of the parts of a guitar. Definitely know what frets, strings and a neck are, try to proceed with the rest of the anatomy of the guitar from there. 


2. Learn that your strings, frets and fingers are numbered. There are 3 things you need to know when reading a chord chart: what finger to use and which string and fret to place it on. 


3 Learn to read guitar tab. 

It only takes a few minutes to learn to read guitar tab. Once you learn it, there are thousands of songs that you can begin to learn on the Internet. Begin with something very simple. 


4. Learn single note melodies  

One note at a time melodies are quick to learn and teach you to position your fingers on the fretboard properly. I like to teach students Smoke on the Water, Iron Man or Happy Birthday and then progress to something like Crazy Train. 


5. Learn to read a chord chart. 

Strumming chords are the basis of most songs. Learn Em and Am, learn to strum them and change between each chord and progress from there. Later learn G, C and D.


6. Learn to follow a written chord progression while counting the beats. 

Once you learn a few chords you need to learn how to follow a chord progression and try to get a feel for the music's timing. 


7. Learn power chords in the open position. These are E, A and D. With these you can play the 12 bar blues, Back in Black or TNT. 


8. Learn to tune the guitar 

I normally teach guitar to a student for a few weeks until I teach them to tune. I teach them all the notes on the neck and how to tune with and without an electronic tuner. 


9. Start learning more guitar riffs and songs. 

If you like classic rock and want to learn how to play rock. I recommend starting with the Hal Leonard Tab Guitar Method. 


10. Start learning some complete songs.

Start with the repetitive and simple ones. You'll be surprized at how many songs only have 3 chords. Many songs use G, C and D.


Guitar lessons, both private and in groups are offered in my South Indianapolis studio a short drive north of Greenwood, Indiana.


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