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October 7, 2015

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What I Teach as an Indianapolis Guitar Teacher.

November 11, 2015


I've been living in Indianapolis for 6 months. I meet new people all the time. They sometimes ask me what I do for a living. The simple answer is that I teach guitar. Often they just give me a blank look and they don't know what to say next, so then I give them more detail. It's usually something like this:

I teach beginning guitar students. I provide expert guitar lessons that are fun and easy. My students are playing some of their favorite songs in a matter of weeks. I tailor all my lessons based on the student's musical interests. We begin by learning a few chords, how to read guitar tab, picking and strumming. We add new chords weekly and begin to use them in songs. My students also begin to learn rock guitar riffs if they are into it.

I help advanced guitarists with music theory and fretboard theory which includes learning all the positions and keys of the pentatonic scales, diatonic scales, and how to play the 5 main chord shapes in major, minor, major 7th, and minor 7th(plus many more) up the entire neck in every key and how to play them as arpegios over chords, how to use the 7 scale modes. I have systems and exercises that help the students to learn and master these quickly.

I also teach students new exercises and guitar riffs which expand their lead ability. We not only learn these things, I teach students how to apply them in their own playing and how to use the major pentatonic, minor pentatonic plus hybrid scales over 1,4,5 progression.

I still get a blank look.


Guitar lessons, both private and in groups are offered in my South Indianapolis studio a short drive north of Greenwood, Indiana.

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