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October 7, 2015

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4 Ways that learning guitar can benefit your child.

January 12, 2017

Children sometimes need a push to discover there's life beyond video games, TV and social media. Children who discover music at a young age often join band, orchestra or other music related activities during high school.


They'll meet a host of new friends, become more confident and sociable and do better in school.
Learning guitar will help a child become more disciplined and patient, develop better physical skills and creativity that will last a lifetime.

Learning guitar improves academic skills
Children who learn a musical instrument often have better math skills. Music and math are closely related. Learning about rhythm, beats, counting music and scales can teach children how to divide, create fractions, recognize and remember patterns.

The right instructor can help kids to develop their critical thinking skills. Music can also help children develop mnemonic devices that improve memory.

Learning guitar develops physical skills
Guitar requires different actions from both the right and left hand. Reading music helps develop hand-eye coordination. It will enhance coordination and can help develop ambidexterity. 


It help with discipline and patience.
Learning guitar teaches a child about patience and discipline. It can help a child gain focus and learn how to concentrate for longer periods of time. Learning an instrument helps children define and work toward goals.


It cultivates social skills.
Taking music lessons require human interaction. Teaching and learning guitar can help with communication, listening skills and enhances the ability to follow directions. Playing in groups teaches students about team work and working toward a common goal.



Mike Middleton teaches guitar in Indianapolis, Indiana near Southport Road and US 31, just north of Greenwood, Indiana.

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