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Find a great guitar teacher.

October 7, 2015

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Does it matter if you learn on an acoustic or electric guitar?

July 7, 2017

I've been asked this question a few times. Many parents don't know what kind of guitar would be best for their child or for themselves. For beginning guitarists it doesn't really matter, but I do think electrics are much easier to play. I very rarely played an acoustic while learning guitar although my first guitar was an acoustic. I graduated to an electric very quickly.
Electric guitars need an amplifier but use lighter gage strings, they have better action (the distance the strings are away from the neck). Lighter gage strings are easier to fret and much easier to bend. Electric guitars are thinner, have a smaller body and


are easier to hold for beginners. 

There are students who are specifically interested in acoustic music and acoustic guitar. For these students I recommend that they begin with an acoustic, but the student can always move to an acoustic guitar after learning on an electric.

Electric guitar also has the benefit of being to able change the volume. There may be times when you need the guitar to be louder and  there are times when you need to play quieter. I spent many late nights practicing as a teen while my parents slept. An acoustic guitar would have woken them up. Now I live in an apartment with my wife and I'm in the same situation. I always play my electric late at night without an amplifier or with headphones.

I recommend buying a guitar from a local music store so you can get adjustments if needed which they will likely do for free if you bought the guitar from them. Some stores buy used guitars, work on them, make adjustments and sell them again. A local store on the southside of Indianapolis that sells many used guitar is Ping's Music. Please check out Ping's Facebook page and consider visiting. John Ping does a lot of repair work on instruments, he sells many instruments, strings and other accessories.

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